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WELCOME 2019! (I am aware it's February)

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

I’ve  held off on making a New Years resolution/goals/manifestations list because my goals have not changed. I’m still working towards achieving the same things and when I often make lists, I become more obsessed with being able to check off an item as opposed to actually letting the task become purposeful. So, this year I’ve decided that I just want to be consistent.

When I look back on previous goals, the only reason most have not been permanently crossed off my list is because I have not been disciplined enough to continue each for more than a month or couple weeks at a time. Life will always get in the way, busy seasons come and go, and that is something that cannot help nor would I want to change but being able to make certain tasks a part of my daily or weekly routine will make them possible. 

So how do I stay consistent? Now this is just an idea I’ve thought of, and I am still in my trial and error mode, but I am finding ways to incorporate certain goals in my regular everyday routine. 

For instance, a consistent goal without consistent effort that I have had is to read more. I just finished this romance novel by Jasmine Guillory that I couldn’t put down. Other than the fact that I LOOVED IT, I couldn’t put it down because I always had it. I went through chapters on the subway, sped through pages in between auditions, but I made sure that never left for manhattan without it and eleven days into 2019, I’ve already finished reading it. 

Another goal has ALWAYS ALWAYS BEEN TO GROW CLOSER TO GOD.  Like everyone else, I fight myself to not snooze my alarm especially, when I am trying to be one of the first names on an audition list (nonunion life can be rough sometimes). When I don’t get a chance to sit on a whole chapter of the Bible the least I could do is read a devotional. I’ve received so many from church and family members growing up and they’ve collected dust on my shelf. Welp, it’s time to clean it off and put some dents in those pages.

Another goal, that I’ve struggled with literally my whole life. The good old fashioned weight loss for the new year. I now have a better understanding of weight loss, weight gain, and maintenance and am at a place where  I’m not losing weight to impress anyone, win anything. I just want to be at a point where I enjoy looking at what I see in the mirror a little more. I had done a play with a girl many years ago who said showed me pictures of her major weight loss. She told me she never goes three days without working out. Again life will always get in the way, but that was her way of trying not to put it off for tomorrow.

I think you get the point by now. The same way I never leave the house without brushing my teeth, putting on deodorant, not having coffee. Imagine forgetting to brush your teeth, imagine how out of place I would feel I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone, stand near anyone. It’s an unfamiliar, undesirable, gross feeling and I want that feeling when I skip a workout, when I don’t bring a book on the subway, when I haven't talk to God, etc. 

So here’s to making this blog consistent for the rest of 2019! I’ve been talking about it since 2017, let’s stay on it!

Hope you enjoyed the read!📷

Be blessed!

I’ll be back!

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