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Girl. Just. Start. Already.

You ever feel like you don’t want to start a new project or venture because you need all the tolls first, you don’t have enough information, or you’re not knowledgeable enough. You start putting together an imaginary list of rules and requirements you need before starting something new. That is me, all day, everyday, inside and out. Since quarantine began, and more specifically these past two weeks, I’ve had a number of ideas spewing out at me about what I want to do, in terms of my career, my hobbies, side gigs and ideas that can bring me extra revenue, projects I want to begin in 5-10 years. The list went on. (Crazy how in a time when we are supposed to be limited in activity, my creativity has been spinning uncontrollably.)

However, every time I start thinking of these ideas, something in me immediately halts. I start outweighing the pros and cons. I start thinking of the established online presence I already have, I start thinking is this inline or distracting from the goals I already have for myself or that I set in place, or the goals I already “told people” I wanted to accomplish. For instance even blogging, I tried to tell myself, “well I need to read some other people’s blogs first,” or “well this topic isn’t exactly relevant right now,” or “ I should be working on building my musical repertoire instead.”

SMH. Nonsense.


(Here comes my pep talk.)

Right now, there is literally no better time to start anything! Not just in this age of quarantine where we have more free time than usual, but right now, in my 20s- the perfect time to make mistakes and differentiate what I am truly passionate about and what I may just be good at; now, in this age of social media, where all it takes is a few hashtags and you or your business becomes viral in a matter of seconds. Co-vid has really put a new meaning behind the saying, “there is no better moment then the present.”

Yes we all want to perform anything and everything at our most optimal self, but growing is part of the process. As much as we dread it, we cannot be perfect at everything we start, especially at the beginning.

The problem is dreaming and brainstorming is not what brings results, it is the action behind it. I’m tired of dreaming of all the ideas that I have and just talking about them. I am ready to put them into action to let them blossom. So in other words, girl, just start! You’ll fix it and make it perfect later.

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